Wellness Facilities

Fitness Center

Fitness Centre

Our state-of-the-art gym will take your fitness regime to the next level, whether after luxury fitness studios or stylish gyms where form meets function. Our gym offers different classes, from body combat to powerlifting, with a wide range of high-quality equipment and machinery. We ensure our guests’ needs are covered whether they are looking to build muscle, lose weight, hit daily goals, or do anything in between.

Yoga Shala

Our yoga shala has a gorgeous tropical spot to stretch and sweat. It is surrounded by nature overlooking the lush rice fields. It is a versatile venue and can be used for regular yoga classes or hot yoga classes. We have dedicated and passionate teachers to lead types that vary from open-level Hatha to challenging Vinyasa flow and trance-inducing Kundalini, Tantra, Fly High, and meditation. Our space is equipped with high-quality yoga amenities to complement your practice. Our yoga shala is available to book for group yoga classes or retreats.

Steam Room

Steam Room

Our steam room is a specially designed room using a humid heat source. The heat source usually comes from a steam generator. Steam rooms enable healing and rejuvenation to the body with heated temperatures. Steam rooms have specific health benefits such as clearing congestion, improving skin health, lowering blood pressure improving circulation, workout recovery, relaxation, and reducing joint stiffness.

Infrared Sauna

Immerse yourself in our infrared sauna. Relax, switch off and restore your energy levels with our world-class sauna. This will bring benefits such as improving your respiratory system and strengthening your health while enjoying the peace and relaxation our luxury resort offers.

Infrared Sauna

Traditional Sauna

Enjoy the healthy heat in our traditional sauna room while your muscles deeply relax your mind and feel how it recharges you. The sauna will strengthen the immune system, and stimulate circulation and the cardiovascular system.

Traditional Bathhouse

Experience the first-ever authentic traditional bathhouse in Bali. It is a conventional thermal massage, natural, effective treatments with natural and organic ingredients. You will feel relaxed and rejuvenated while getting the most out of the treatments.

Traditional Bath House

Warm Plunge Pool

Up to 40 degrees Celsius temperature, our warm pool introduces a method of reducing the pain from osteoarthritis symptoms; guests can feel the benefit of simultaneously reducing inflammation, stimulating circulation, loosening tight muscles, and erasing the pain.

Cold Plunge Pool

Cold pool therapy can improve your circulation, deepen your sleep, spike your energy levels, and reduce inflammation in your body. With a 5-degree and 10-degree Celsius pool option, it benefits from removing your anxiety, speeding up your metabolic rate, and removing fatty deposits. Warm and cold therapy, also known as contrast therapy, has been used on an injury to treat pain – in an alternation. This contrast will be made by moving back and forth between pools several times.

cold plunge Pool

Locker & Changing Room

Our locker/changing room is manufactured to high standards using woods and finishes that excel in durability. It includes showers and changing areas and is private yet spacious for guests to use in pursuit of comfort and convenience. Our staff maintains the privacy, safety, and cleanliness of the facility.