The Bali Eden

Welcome to The Bali Eden, a sanctuary of wellness and peace, a place for holistic healing and rejuvenation. Located in the heart of peaceful and verdant Mas village in Ubud, it is the perfect place to retreat into nature and focus on the renewal of the mind, body, and spirit.

Offering a myriad of traditional techniques and therapies, The Bali Eden was established based on the traditional Usadha Bali philosophy combined with modern technology and science. Our mission at The Bali Eden is to assist and inspire our guests to achieve and maintain a wonderful state of optimum health and to live healthier lives.

Inspired by Taman Dewi, a tranquil, private retreat in Mengwi where herbs and rare medicinal plants flourish, The Bali Eden is the only place in Bali where you can truly immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind wellness experience and leave feeling revitalized and brand new. Our experienced consultants will help you work on a fitness plan that will optimize mental, emotional, and physical health to suit your personal needs and set you on the right path to wellbeing.

The Bali Eden welcomes both in-house and non-staying guests. Day passes are available for those who wish to experience our wellness facilities on a flat-rate basis.

A Mother Is the Best Coach

Our mother, Ibu Dewi, studied Yoga Nidra and psychosomatic healing for years. Her holistic approach to wellbeing is a unique combination of traditional Balinese healing and plant-based nutrition according to the Bali Usadha practice. This is delivered to clients via a personalized one-to-one approach.

Ibu Dewi has made it her life’s mission to identify and record Bali’s treasure trove of healing herbs and plants along with their definitions, use, and descriptions. These herbs and medicinal plants were all mentioned in the Balinese ancient texts – known as Lontar – and written in the ancient Sanskrit language.

Throughout the decades, Ibu Dewi has found and identified more than 250 species of herbs and medicinal plants, which she now grows in her private garden, Taman Dewi in Mengwi.

Ibu Dewi is delighted to share all that she has discovered here at The Bali Eden, a vibrant and innovative space where a holistic and healthy lifestyle is accessible and achievable by guiding clients down the path to healing and wellness by reconnecting with themselves and living a better life with a better understanding of body, mind, and soul.


The Bali Eden is a form of preserving traditional wisdom in terms of medicine with scientific proven research. The ancient–modern healing maximizes the benefits of a combination of herbal plants and wellness activities with the latest technology proven by our professionals. 


Relaxation featuring treatments exclusively tailored based on Usadha Bali


Our gym offers different classes, from body combat to powerlifting, with a wide range


Multidimensional aspects of wellness, including physical, mental, and spiritual


Fitness, Yoga, Steam Room, Sauna, Plunge Pool, Traditional Bathhouse, Plunge Pool


Find new levels of wellness with the guidance from our professionals in a world-class wellness facility, plus exclusive member benefits you can access anytime. Join a gym that gives you everything you need to exceed your fitness goals, or stay active and live healthier by joining our yoga classes. We’re more than a wellness center; we build community and share knowledge of how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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Find inspiration and discover new skills in health and wellness. Join our classes

Located in the heart of the property overlooking the main pool 

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