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The Bali Eden

The Bali Eden is a built-in extension of Gdas Bali Health and Wellness Resort. Treatments and activities at the centre are based on traditional Balinese medicine known as usada.

In Sanksrit, usada or ausadhi means medicinal plants or plants with medicinal properties. The knowledge of the use of plants in holistic healing is passed down from generation to generation through lontar usada (Balinese manuscripts inscribed on palm leaves). These manuscripts outline the use of these plants in therapeutic systems, as medicinal ingredients, and in traditional medicine methods.

According to the lontar leaves, a king by the name of Mpu Kuturan once went on a pilgrimage to Pura Dalem to seek knowledge from the Goddess Bhatari Durgha. In deep meditation, the Goddess bestowed supernatural powers to the king, including the ability to “communicate” with all plants to understand their healing purposes and benefits.

According to the tale, the king asked the banyan tree for help in gathering the plants. A salagui tree (Sida rhombifolia) “introduced” itself and said its flesh had extraordinary properties, beneficial as medicine for babies only five days old. Its roots can be used as an ointment (boreh). Then came the Dadap tree, which said its flesh was nutritious; its skin can be used to treat flatulence when mixed with coriander and eleven babolong seeds (Melaleuca leucadendron), and black salt.

The Bali Eden strives to preserve this ancient wisdom while strengthening it benefits by combining traditional knowledge with modern science, western medicine, and the latest technology, creating a unique form of ancient–modern healing.

The Bali Eden is open to all residents and non-resident guests to be a one-stop wellness destination and inspire a healthy lifestyle that leads to happiness.

Our Vision:

Become the primary holistic wellness destination in the world, a destination where knowledge is shared while encouraging others to embark on a life of health and wellness.

Our Mission:

Provide a world-class wellness facility by preserving the healing knowledge of plants for food-based remedies and collaborating with a wellness specialist to provide holistic wellness experiences to transform the lives of our discerning guests, members, associates, and communities.